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About the Journal

SOCIAL MOMENTS: A Student Journal of Social Relations is a free, online, interdisciplinary peer-reviewed journal examining the social and cultural world through a social science lens. All graduate and undergraduate students of the social sciences are invited to submit articles for publication. Relevant disciplines include, but are not limited to: sociology, criminology/criminal justice, women/gender studies, sexuality, political science, social psychology, cultural/social anthropology, and cultural/social geography. Articles will be published as accepted. SOCIAL MOMENTS is editorially independent. All members of the editorial team are affiliated with an accredited institution.


  • Submissions cannot be under review or published elsewhere.

  • Submissions will receive one of three recommendations:

    • Accept – the submission meets the requirements of the journal and appears to make a contribution to the field of study from a student’s perspective. It requires no, or very few, changes.

    • Revise and Resubmit – the submission will be sufficient with relatively substantial changes.

    • Reject – the submission does not meet the requirements for publication in this journal.

  • Recommendations will ideally be made within three months of submission.

  • If a manuscript is selected for publication, students will need to demonstrate enrollment in an undergraduate or graduate program within the last 12 months. Official transcripts will be requested for verification purposes.

Review Process

Submissions will be examined by independent reviewers. Reviewers will be asked to complete the review within 30 days. Reviewers will then make a recommendation to the editor who will make the final determination. All reviews are blind.


Faculty and (advanced graduate) student reviewers will be selected by the editor. If you wish to serve as a reviewer, please contact the editor at Reviewers are not paid.


Dr. Gloria Gadsden, Sociology/Criminal Justice/Women's Studies (New Mexico Highlands University)

Editorial Consultant

Francisca Cuevas

Editorial Team (Alphabetical)

Dr. Rebecca Alvarez, Sociology/Criminal Justice (New Mexico Highlands University)

Dr. Samantha Jeffries, Social Sciences (Griffith University)

Dr. Kelly MacArthur, Sociology (University of Nebraska Omaha)

Dr. Stephen S. Owen, Criminal Justice (Radford University)


A team of experts in the journal's field. All members of the editorial team must be faculty or advanced graduate students affiliated with an accredited institution of higher education. The editorial team reviews the journal at least twice per year and provides feedback as necessary. Editorial team members may identify topics for special issues.

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